Hey Y'all !

My name is Sarah Lukas, Owner of Dock Five Interiors.


I'm a rockstar home interior enthusiast based in beautiful Southeast Michigan. I love helping people and creating spaces that are unique and memorable. With the ability of the internet I'm able to help people all over the US design that WOW factor in their homes. My obsession with homes and designing started at a young age, always drawing floor plans or rearranging furniture. Throughout the years, friends, family and clients have turned to me for help with their design projects to make it feel more like home or to help them sell. Recently I have stepped into vacation homes and airbnb designs that have helped investors turn into super~hosts and 5 star reviews. I have also added by popular demand our "pop up" picnics. We can't wait to be a part of your special day.

Come join the Dock Five Interiors family.


Random Facts

- I love Architecture

- I love to cook / bake

- I am obsessed with my son

- I love boating and being around water

- I want to live on a huge farm in  Montana

- I am addicted to horses

- I have two dogs and one horse

- I am a published children's book author

- My nickname is Luke